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Grand Island Soccer Club Coaches Resource Page

This Page Will Keep GISC Travel & House Coaches Informed On Club Matters & Coaching Techniques

Coaching Resources:

  • Check out the Coaching Education & Course Opportunities page.
  • Foot & Ball Skills are the Most Important Things to Teach a Soccer Player:
    • Written by Nicholas Spiller, Feb 25, 2014 and published by Totally Soccer
    • Full Article.
  • Growing Talent: Interview with Daniel Coyle:
    • Written by Heidi Smith and published on Super Consciousness
    • Full Article.
  • NYSWYSA Coaching Tip of the Week - 'less is more'
  • NYSWYSA Article on Concussion Procedures (pdf)
  • NYSWYSA Article on Too Many Tournaments
  • GISC Referee Unit Information Coaches, please familiarize yourself with this document (pdf)
  • Coaching Curriculum & Practice Plans now available (download)
    All coaches are encouraged to download and read this 33 page document.
  • Coaching Best Practices from US Soccer (download
    All coaches are encouraged to download and read this 71 page document
  • GISC Player Development Strategies: A Must Read for all involved in GISC (more info below)
  • Student Coaching Application - If interested in assisting a Coach (pdf)
  • Coaching Ideas

NYSWYSA Coaching Tip Of The Week:


'Less is More'



Coaches, remember the old adage, "less is more"?


Well it holds true in many facets in life, including youth soccer.

Tip of the Week

Typically, particularly newer coaches, feel as though they must talk their players through every movement. This is referred to as "joy-sticking", as in a video game when we use a joystick to move characters all over the screen.


Rather, throw out bits of concise information, sit back and see where the kids go with it, they may just surprise you. When they don't, it will give you something to teach them. When you feel like you are doing more talking than they are playing, you probably are. That is a great cue to quiet down, and let the kids work on problem solving. Another strategy, rather than telling them where to go or what to do, is to ask them what they can do differently next time. Let them work out the solutions to their own mistakes.

GISC Player Development Strategies:

This article (Player Development) is required reading for anyone involved with Grand Island Soccer Club, especially Coaches & Assistant Coaches:


From BWNY soccer, it explains player development in a nutshell and summarizes several of the initiatives made by GISC these past few years: the redesign of our U7 program, the street soccer program, U9 player 'pooling', player development initiative, the foot skills clinics and the new Grand Island Year Round Academy for our U6 to U10 kids. I bolded several key points from the article. This article is everything that will be drilled into you at a “D” license course if you decide to pursue. I encourage you all to pass this to anyone that is involved with Grand Island soccer club. Please share with your assistant coaches for sure.


Thanks! Mike Rudney, Travel Coordinator

Coaching Ideas:

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Coaching Curriculum (pdf)


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Lesson Plans:

Lesson plans are designed to help coaches run and conduct a training session. pdf's unless stated otherwise.


More plans will be added on a regular basis.

The Blank lesson plan sheet is also available for use in Word or pdf format. We encourage you to complete & then submit your lesson plan for sharing with other coaches.


Email to the Travel Coordinator,


Thank you.